The new PedalBox+ available now!

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***World Premiere: The new PedalBox+ is available now!***

The one, which can all! With the new PedalBox+ is the gas pedal tuning from DTE-Systems available now for all digital and analogical gas pedals.

More dynamic, with more fast reactions, mutable.  

To improve the response characteristic of modern vehicles we offer you the PedalBox+ of DTE-Systems. The PedalBox+ is a plug-and-play-tool which will be connected with the gas pedal. This kind of gas pedal tuning improves the response characteristic of all vehicles with an electronic gas pedal.

Your advantages:

  • improved gas acceptance and therefore an essential more agile driving performance
  • no weakness at driveaway pespectively delay at acutation of the gas pedal
  • no "turbo holes" anymore - and the gearbox deploys its power consistently
  • no matter if turbo or not, gasoline or diesel
  • no matter if manuel gearbox or automatic ones, with or without sport mode switch, speed control, and so on
  • because this module does not access into the engine management only at the pedal mode, this component has the CE approval and is completely legal and usable without any entry

Plug-in, drive on and enjoy.

The suitable PedalBox+ for your vehicle you find at your vehicle selection.