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We provide our customers software tuning with high-class quality and best prices. All output datas base on dyno measurements of vehicles, which were modified by us.

At vehicles with tuning protection (ATP) there is an additional charge of € 100.

Stage 1

The first stage of the chiptuning has been developed for series-production vehicles. At this optimisation all service intervals are unchanged and the vehicle is completely suitable for daily use. All the values of the engine control will remain within the safety standards of the producers. This stage is 100% reliable - more fun at driving without any worries!

For all those who want it more faster

Stage 2

For all those who want more as Stage 1, we have developed Stage 2 for certain vehicles. At this optimisation more maps of the ECU will be changed to get even more performance out of the power unit. Because of this an even more higher improved performance can be reached. At several vehicles possibly the installation of increased components or the usage of higher-quality fuel could be needed. Our technicians will be pleased to advise you.

Additional options



- € 100, - SPECIAL DISCOUNT are already deducted from the promotional price


My-GP-Tuning-Tool  -  the tuningflasher for everyone.

Tune it yourself quickly and easily - the tuning flasher including the tuning file for your vehicle.

With this tool you are able to easily, quickly and safely carry out a tuning of your vehicle at home in a short time via the EOBD connector. You can also switch between the original and the modified software version at any time. The performance data are always identical to the specified stage 1 or stage 2.

The My-GP-Tuning-Tool including the tuning file can be used for one vehicle.



More dynamic, with more fast reactions, mutable.  

To improve the response characteristic of modern vehicles we offer you the PedalBox+ of DTE-Systems. The PedalBox+ is a plug-and-play-tool which will be connected with the gas pedal. This kind of gas pedal tuning improves the response characteristic of all vehicles with an electronic gas pedal.



The GP-T+ option package was developed by us to serve the ultimate driving experience to our customers.

Because of the addition of new programm codes into the ECU we are allowed to programm additional functions like: launch control, no lift shift, cancellation of anti-theft protection mode and many more. In short: even more fun at driving for those who want.

If you want an additional option without a software-tuning, there is an additional charge of € 100.