Tuningprotection ATP - what does this mean?

The producers (like for example Bosch) have protected certain ECUs by encryptions, to avoid that someone can readout the engine information by the ECU. Because of intensive investment into modern technique we are able to decode these codes with special equipment. At these ECUs we directely readout from the circuit board of the BDM Port (as the producer produces the ECUs) - and with a special program new coded and optimated.

Reduces Chiptuning the life expectancy of my vehicle?

No. The software is adjusted in the way, that no limit value of the engine will be passed over. A higher wastage of the engine is not mensurable. Only in the case of driving above the usual performance it could happen. At normal driver operation characteristics no changing is traceable.

What will change - what will not?

Special engine characteristics at the ECU will be edited. Changings of original specific values and settings (like for example ID of the vehicle, engine number and the correct version of gear box) will not be taken.

Is there a changing at the fuel consumption?

At diesel-engined vehicles there will be a reduction of approx. 10 % in the case of same manner of driving. At an Ecotuning the economy potential even will be higher.

How does the optimisation of power occures?

At the most vehicles the optimisation of power will be input by the factory-made OBD-port (onboard diagnostic) - same way, as also the producers do. The series software will be readout at first, then adjusted with the special engine characteristics, which we have developed before at the dyno. Afterwards the modified performance software will be input. At vehicles with tuning protection (ATP) the ECU must be reconstruced and directely connected.

How long time takes the rebuilding?

Depends on the type of vehicle - between 30 minutes and 4 hours. Due to the type of vehicle we can give you the information of expenditure of time in advance.

Is the rebuilding to original performance free of charge?

Generally yes - only at vehicles with tuning protection (ATP) there is a rebuilding charge of € 100.

How about the service intermittent?

The is no change at the service intermittent.

Why not made by car producer?

This is an often asked question. Generally the car producers refuse chiptuning. Reason is, that the car producers give a product guarantee - they want to avoid, that there will be any performance changings, which are not in their area of influence. They do not want, that their products get into a cast of damning light because of incorrect performance changings.

Is the performance changing external visible?

No. But of course the performance is mensurable - for example on the dyno or at a reporting of the new software coding. But it can not been located neither at the electronic circuit, nor with a diagnostic equipment.

Would you recommend a chiptuning at vehicles with diesel particulate filter?

Yes! All DPF-functions are controlled and monitored by the ECU. If the filter is "loaded" (full of grime) the software of the ECU starts automatically with the cleaning process. Because of timed afterinjection the exhaust fumes rises up. And the grime particles will be burned. Of course this process also will be considered by us in the development of the software.

Improved performance and automatic transmission?

Generally vehicles with automatic transmission have an other software at the ECU as vehicles with manual transmission have - otherwise there would not be a difference for the improved performance. ECUs and automatic-transmission-ECUs are communicating by a so called "Can Bus System". This system automatically adjusts the automatic-transmission-ECU up to the operating conditions. Because of this the switching operations are the same as before the tuning.

Increased efficiency immediatley perceptible?

As soon as the chiptuning has been finished, the vehicle got the increased efficiency. But at many types of vehicles it needs a certain driving time until the full performance has been reached. Most of the engine-ECUs works with a special data memory, the "Flash-EPROM-data memory". Here the new modified performance maps will be saved. Step by step the CPU takes these new datas from the data memory and controls the engine with it. So first the electronic circuit of the engine has to adjust itself to use the new datas. This learning process needs between 200 and 500 km (depending on the type of vehicle).

Can you cancel the chiptuning?

Of course we can cancel the chiptuning again. At vehicles which we have tuned by the OBD-interface it is free of charge for your. At vehicles with tuning-protection we charge an amount of € 100.


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